Devin Derrick, a native Oklahoman, grew up in the Edmond area. At a young age, Devin founded a passion for Fishing, Music and Acting. With these passions at hand, he started fishing at the age of 5, singing when he was 7 and acting 6 years ago. Devin’s fishing used to be only a “hobby”, now he is part of the Bass Pro Staff Fishing Team and turned his “hobby” into a full time passionate endeavor.  Music took him across the country and earned him a frendship with John Carter Cash the son of the legendary Johnny Cash, which produced one of his latest CD’s. On this album, Devin performs a song called “Lady,” which was written by the late Johnny Cash. Devin wrote 10 of the songs on his latest CD titled “I Hate Lovin’ It”. 

Devin was honored to perform at the CMA Awards party as the featured guest. Over the past years of his music career, Devin was able to perform with Blake Shelton, Tracy Byrd, Blackhawk, Alabama, Doug Stone, and many others. He has also appeared in Toby Keith’s video, “A Little Less Talk, A Lot More Action,” and did his own video of a song he wrote called “I’m Better Than the Bottle.” Devin has also acted in many movies such as “Cowgirls and Angels,” “Hay Days,” “The UnRest,” “Yellow,” and “Innocent Revenge.” Devin has also starred in the lead role as “Wylie” for the movie “No Rest for the Wicked,”.

Devin is very appreciative of his God given gift and  said, “I wish to thank everyone who endures with me the ups and downs of my career. From the day I was born with the gift of breath to give back through songs, acting and fishing, even past the day I stop breathing; I owe more than just myself, fish on my friends!”




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